Meta. Reframing Minimalism.

Simple thinking and acting, reducing complexity, forgoing the superfluous: In our complex, present-day world, minimalism has become a stylistic and social trend with a tradition reaching back to ancient times. The META series of fittings has embodied contemporary minimalism since it first launched. Dornbracht’s latest refinement of META perfects the root idea of minimalist design and increases the options for individual interior design with carefully curated collections of finishes: reframing minimalism.


The uncompromisingly minimalist design of META has been radically revised and two more variants have been added to the range, making the level of reduction an individual decision. This makes META progressive, timelessly stylistically assured, and universally applicable.

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Its minimalist design makes META highly versatile – carefully curated collections of finishes increase the options for individual design even more.

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Interior styles

META achieves surprisingly diverse effects when combined with different colours, materials and finishes – four interior styles use the same base architecture to show how META can shape individual minimalism in the bathroom.

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Futurologist and urban researcher Ludwig Engel gave Dornbracht his views on minimalism and answers the question: What turns minimalist design into good design?

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Meta Brochure

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Find how individual minimalism can be created in the bathroom in the new META brochure. Besides information on the quality and variety of designs and finishes, the brochure offers exciting sample applications that spur inspiration and provides an in-depth look into the META product range.